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Our Classes

Our four main class formats are Pilates Matwork, Yoga, Group Fitness & Dance Fitness. We also offer specialized programs, such as the IPF 35 Day Challenge and the Corporate Fit Challenge. All classes & programs complement each other extremely well. Choose one format, or we recommend combining them, for a well rounded, exciting workout routine. Flexible Drop-In and Punchcard Options are available, to make it easy for you to get to class!

Yoga Clothing



Email [email protected] or call 250-703-CORE for more information.Pilates (pronounced puh-lah-teez), was created by Joseph Pilates in the early 1900′s. At first, Pilates classes catered mostly to dancers, performers and athletes.



Yin Yoga is a quiet practice that uses long held floor postures to stimulate the connective tissue that forms our joints. Each class will target problematic areas of the body such as the lower back and spine, hips and upper legs.

Group Fitness


At Island Pilates & Fitness, our group fitness classes are very flexible, and allow you to come as many times per week as you like.For all Group Fitness classes (except Core Fusion) clean, indoor running shoes or cross trainers are required.

Dance Fitness


Do you like to dance?  Jessica will take through a variety of dance styles to get you groovin’, shakin, struttin’ and movin’!  You are guaranteed three things with this class.

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Our Fall Session starts September 4th, registration on NOW! Check out our IPF FALL SCHEDULE page for full details for fall. Visit our IPF Current Schedule page for today's classes. Questions about our classes & programs? Please email us or call 250.703.CORE (2673). We'd be happy to help!

Summer  Classes:
Spring Session
April 26 - June 24
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Whether your goal is to improve core strength, cardio, flexibility, total body strength, or general well-being, we can help!

Pilates Mat 1 Classes:
Mondays 10am or
Wednesdays 8pm or
Thursdays 4:45pm

Winter Classes
Fall Session
September 4th,
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Check out our IPF FALL SCHEDULE page for full details for fall. Visit our IPF Current Schedule page for today's classes. Questions about our classes & programs?

Please email us or call 250.703.CORE (2673). We'd be happy to help!

From the Blog of Island Pilates

Yoga vs. Pilates

yoga vs pilatesYoga and Pilates – What are the differences?

Yoga and Pilates are both transformational practices. They feature focused movements that can facilitate positive changes in the mind, body and spirit. Oftentimes, they are placed in the same category. It is important to note that Pilates is a fitness workout while yoga is a discipline, or a much broader practice that involves not just physical but also mental and spiritual aspects as seen from its origin. However, Pilates also believes that the mind and body are connected. Let us try to explore their differences though it could be a tough thing to do since the two have different forms. Their distinctions can be determined by noting their origin, principles, workout and breathing techniques.


Yoga has been around some 5,000 years ago. It originated from India and has evolved into various types including Kripalu, Ashtanga, Vineyesa, Bikram and others. On the other hand, Pilates is a younger discipline; developed only in the first half of the 20th century by a Greek-German athlete named Joseph Pilates in the US.


Yoga literally means to yoke or to conjoin. It is rooted in Indian culture that connects the body, mind and spirit through breathing techniques, movement and meditation. There are five principles of yoga taught all over the world. These are Asanas or proper exercise, Pranayama or correct breathing, Saucha or proper diet, Dhyana or meditation and positive thinking and Savasana or complete relaxation. Yoga was originally used to move energy through the body in a way that leaves a person to be calm and meditate after class. However, some yoga classes today focus solely on the physical aspects that build strength, balance and flexibility.

Joseph Pilates introduced the study of control or Contrology as the method that would help people in developing strength in body and mind to accomplish things easily and live life to the fullest. Pilates is also called moving meditation, and is based on six principles such as centering, concentration, control, precision, breath and flow. The founder believes that coordination of the mind, body and spirit leads to complete control of the body.


The primary goal of yoga is for individuals to stay connected to breathe. It concentrates on increasing flexibility of the limbs and spine. In Pilates, what comes first is the precision in movement followed by its coordination to the breath. It focuses on building strength in the abdominal area then the symmetrical musculature and total flexibility. Most exercises in Pilates are done lying down either on the stomach, on the side or on the back. This aims to defy gravity and engage the abdomen to lift from the ground and lengthen muscles. In yoga, poses are mostly done standing, working with gravity from the earth to lengthen body away from the ground. However, there are different Yoga poses done while lying or sitting.

Breathing Patterns

Yoga typically practices ujjayi, a breathing pattern that is smooth and heat inducing, similar to the ocean. It also practices kapalabhati, which is rapid and produces greater internal heat. In Pilates, most exercises use a staccato-like breathing, which is similar to yoga’s kapalabhati.

Yoga and Pilates may share some similarities but taking aside their differences, both can make people healthier, more connected, more conscious of their well-being and generally, better individuals. To truly discover their differences, it would be best to try them both.

Tips on How to Build a Home Gym

home gym diyBuilding a home gym can be a good investment because you will end up saving money on gym memberships. Additionally, there will be no excuse to not work out as the gym is right in your house. This is an investment in your health, which is really the most important type of investment. It can get pricey at first, but just remember how much you spend in a year for a gym membership. A gym membership can cost hundreds or thousands a year, which is around the cost of one elliptical or treadmill that you can keep forever.

There are a few things to consider when purchasing items for a home gym. First of all, you want to think about what your fitness goals are. A person who just wants to lose and maintain weight will need different gear for those who are looking to bulk up their muscle mass. You also need to consider physical limitations. Some gear is very high impact, which is not ideal for those who have bad backs and joint problems. Finally, you need to consider activities that you will actually enjoy. If you love yoga and kickboxing, but hate weight lifting, you are not going to want a lifting bench.

Here are some additional tips from the website, GarageGymBuilder.com


You need to think about the space you have to work with. Not everyone has a finished basement they can dedicate to a home gym. People in studio apartments have more limitations than homeowners or people with larger apartments. If you have limited space, getting equipment that you can fold up and hide away can be ideal for you. Treadmills can be folded up and stood against the wall if you have more space, as can some lift benches. Another space consideration involves the noise level of the machine or equipment. If you enjoy lifting, but live in an apartment with neighbors underneath, your neighbors may not love this.


It is important to go in with a price in mind and after doing research. You do not want to drop a ton of money on equipment that may not be worth the price. Equipment can get pricey, especially when you start getting into cardio machines, which can easily break $1500. If you go in with a small budget available, you can start with simple equipment like exercise balls and dumbbells. Do you research to decide on what items can help you achieve your fitness goals, and the best of these items in your price range.



This may not be something you considered when building a home gym, but it is an important addition. Getting rubber mats that are specially made for work out gear is highly recommended, as it can protect your current flooring from the wear and tear, and minimize noise of such things as lifting. Others recommend getting a few layers of plywood and adding inexpensive carpet to it for your space. These are both great options, and can depend on your budget.


Investing in a home gym is a fantastic investment, as well as great motivation. After spending that money and realizing that you do not have to worry about driving elsewhere to work out, you will have no choice but to take advantage of your equipment. You can buy items little by little to slowly build your ideal home gym. This is a positive on all levels, and should definitely be a consideration for you.

Momma Wants Her Groove Back Part 2: Chocolate & Gratitude

Mat-ArabesqueThe last week of March was a great warm up to my spring melt down. I attended and thoroughly enjoyed Pilates Mat 1 on Monday with Birgit, and Leanne’s Core Fusion class on Thursday. And, I am pleased to announce that deep within my Mommy Tummy, there is a sleepy, but keen, little core!

I worked hard and was inspired by the music and warm sunlight that filled the studio. I rode my bike. I did yoga.

I was grateful for my body and what it can do for me. I may not be able to slip into my skinny jeans (yet) but I am healthy… and I can move.

But wait, what do you mean chocolate and cookies still exist? Doesn’t the universe know I am on a mission?

It’s April. All temptations were supposed to disappear at March’s last stroke of midnight. Deprivation is not doable. However, I do think that it’s important to distinguish the difference between eating a handful of chocolate chips in order to endure the thrashing of a toddler’s tantrums and enjoying something yummy for the soul.

Eating healthy…with benefits.

Love life

Love body

Love Soul

And… Chocolate

Momma Wants Her Groove Back Part 3: Bounce Back

yoga-seniors-mdnAfter my first full week back at IPF – I couldn’t be more inspired. I leave the studio with a smile on my face and a bounce in my step. I love the collective energy of group fitness. I savour my work outs: This time for me.

I stare in the mirror at the beginning of each class and set my intention to work hard and have fun. I can see the silhouette of my former physique. It becomes even more visible by the end of each sweat filled hour.

After completing each set of hundreds, I let my mind linger on my fantasy. In it, I am wearing multitudes of stylish outfits. I look fit and vibrant. I look like me.

Goals are good. The west coast mommy-chic uniform of Yoga pants + hoody is great. It’s just that I promised myself fabulous new clothes when I reach my final goal.

I encourage all you would be exercisers and busy mommas out there to come share the energy. You’d be surprised at what you can do! Our muscles do have memory…They remember how hot we are! We are worth it.

Please feel free to share your goals, rewards, challenges and successes with me…

Momma Wants Her Groove Back: Lisa’s Three Month Action Plan

workout-partner-runningLove the kids: Miss my body

Welcome to my un-pregnancy Journal. Over the next three months I am here to share my journey back to me, with you. On December 28th I gave birth to my second baby girl, Nella. And, after three years of having two babies, working, doing the dishes and taking the time to savour an occasional splurge of eye contact with my husband….it seems that a little bit of that baby love was left behind. 30 pounds of it to be exact.

In the next three months I plan to spring into action. I am going to devour all that Island Pilates and Fitness has to offer, and perhaps not so many cookies, and keep you posted on my adventure. I hope to regain my cardio, become reacquainted with my core and of course enjoy the increased sense of balance, self esteem and pure joy that comes with regular exercise.

But here is the secret truth: I am a little bit vain. I’d be lying if I said I didn’t want to see a certain number on the scale, fit in to a favourite pair of jeans or rock a slamming swim suit this summer. I’d be concealing information if I didn’t tell you the other names that I considered for this post included: Dude, Where Did My Body Go? and Operation Yummy Mommy.

So although I know the benefits to fitness are reason enough to get moving, it’s the look good/ feel good connection that motivates me to get out the door. It’s not that I don’t want to work out – I do! I really do! It’s the Mommy Guilt that makes it hard. It’s the Mommy Guilt that says an hour for me is too much.

Fitness is important. A value I wish to pass on to my little ladies. When they see a strong happy momma walk in the door after a good work out they will share in the benefits. That is why I am challenging myself to take these next three months for me. To move. To sweat. To inhale. To exhale. To reconnect with a little bit of my pre-pregnancy self and, hopefully, some of my pre-pregnancy jeans.

Follow my journey here for the next three months.

Better yet, sweat and smile with me here:  http://www.islandpilates.ca/schedule/