Our goal is to provide you with classes that will help you reach your health and fitness goals. Use this guide to help you decide which classes suit your needs best.

Core Strength: Pilates Mat Classes, Core Fusion, Bosu Blast!, Core Conditioning with Fitness Balls, Hatha Yoga

Cardio: Zumba, Bellyfit, Bosu Blast!, Cardio Dance Party

Flexibility: Yin Yoga, Pilates Mat Classes, Core Fusion, Hatha Yoga

Total Body Strengthening: Bosu Blast, Sculpt, Women on Weights

Want to improve your sport? (ie: Mountain Biking, Snow Sports, Hockey etc.) Bosu Blast!, Pilates, Sculpt, Core Fusion, Yoga

Love to Dance?: Then you’ll love Bellyfit, Zumba and Cardio Dance Party

Need to Destress? All of our classes will help you destress, but if you feel the need to really unwind your mind, we suggest our yoga classes, Pilates Mat, or Core Fusion.