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Pilates (pronounced puh-lah-teez), was created by Joseph Pilates in the early 1900′s. At first, Pilates classes catered mostly to dancers, performers and athletes. Now, Pilates is widely accepted in mainstream fitness as a very effective excercise system, that many people can benefit from.

At Island Pilates and Fitness, our instructors are certified to teach STOTT Pilates. Our Matwork classes often incorporate the use of props or small equipment to make your workout more exciting and challenging.

Pilates will:

tone muscles throughout the entire body isolate, activate and condition deep core muscles increase flexibility improve body mechanics, awareness and posture alleviate stress and tension improve back pain energize make you feel great!

Who can do Pilates?

Almost anyone can do Pilates. Pilates is an excellent core strengthening exercise system for both men and women. (and now pregant women can join our new pre-natal Pilates program!) If you have health concerns, it’s a good idea to get the advice of your doctor before starting any exercise program.

At Island Pilates and Fitness we have clients in Pilates class that are at many different levels of fitness. Our clients’ ages range from 20 – 80.

What can I expect in a Pilates Mat Class?

In your first Mat 1 session, you will learn the five basic principles of STOTT Pilates. Most exercises take place on the mat, either seated or lying on your back, stomach or sometimes your side. In Mat 1 you will lay the groundwork that is necessary to make your Pilates workouts safe, effective and efficient. This will prepare you to move on to Mat 2 and beyond where you will really start to feel the changes that take place in your deep core muscles. Pilates works your body from the inside out in a very profound way. Be prepared to put in the time for your muscles to feel it!

What should I wear to Pilates?

Comfortable workout wear is suitable. It’s helpful if clothing is not too baggy, so that your instructor can see what your body is doing, but really it’s whatever you’re comfortable in. Socks or bare feet are suitable.


This is the starting point for your Pilates Matwork, no matter what your fitness level. Build a strong foundation & learn the STOTT five basic principles. This is where you will learn mind body connection and correct core engagement, so crucial to getting the most benefit from Pilates.

MAT 2, 3 & 4

Once you’ve completed your Mat 1 session and feel prepared to progress, move to Mat 2. Gradually move up the levels as you get more fit and your body becomes stronger and smarter. The higher the level, the more challenging and fast paced the classes become.

Pilates Mat 1 – 2: Back to the Mat

No previous Pilates experience necessary, this is a great core conditioning class if you’re coming back to Pilates after taking a break, if you’ve taken other Pilates or yoga classes in the past or if you have good body awareness through yoga, dance or other athletic endeavours. Gain core strength, body awareness, improve posture and increase flexibility.

Core Fusion (drop-in or use your punch card)

This popular class gives you the best of both worlds! A sweet symphony of core focused Pilates and yoga moves blended with awesome music that will keep you moving and motivated, always finishing with a sublime stretch and relaxation. Drop-in or use your punch card, all levels welcome. No previous Pilates experience required.

Core Conditioning with Fitness Balls (drop-in or use your punch card)

We will use toning balls, overballs and the Bosu Balance Trainer to help deeply connect to our powerhouse, our center, our CORE! Drop-in or use your punch card, all levels welcome. No previous Pilates experience required.