workout-partner-runningLove the kids: Miss my body

Welcome to my un-pregnancy Journal. Over the next three months I am here to share my journey back to me, with you. On December 28th I gave birth to my second baby girl, Nella. And, after three years of having two babies, working, doing the dishes and taking the time to savour an occasional splurge of eye contact with my husband….it seems that a little bit of that baby love was left behind. 30 pounds of it to be exact.

In the next three months I plan to spring into action. I am going to devour all that Island Pilates and Fitness has to offer, and perhaps not so many cookies, and keep you posted on my adventure. I hope to regain my cardio, become reacquainted with my core and of course enjoy the increased sense of balance, self esteem and pure joy that comes with regular exercise.

But here is the secret truth: I am a little bit vain. I’d be lying if I said I didn’t want to see a certain number on the scale, fit in to a favourite pair of jeans or rock a slamming swim suit this summer. I’d be concealing information if I didn’t tell you the other names that I considered for this post included: Dude, Where Did My Body Go? and Operation Yummy Mommy.

So although I know the benefits to fitness are reason enough to get moving, it’s the look good/ feel good connection that motivates me to get out the door. It’s not that I don’t want to work out – I do! I really do! It’s the Mommy Guilt that makes it hard. It’s the Mommy Guilt that says an hour for me is too much.

Fitness is important. A value I wish to pass on to my little ladies. When they see a strong happy momma walk in the door after a good work out they will share in the benefits. That is why I am challenging myself to take these next three months for me. To move. To sweat. To inhale. To exhale. To reconnect with a little bit of my pre-pregnancy self and, hopefully, some of my pre-pregnancy jeans.

Follow my journey here for the next three months.

Better yet, sweat and smile with me here: