Mat-ArabesqueThe last week of March was a great warm up to my spring melt down. I attended and thoroughly enjoyed Pilates Mat 1 on Monday with Birgit, and Leanne’s Core Fusion class on Thursday. And, I am pleased to announce that deep within my Mommy Tummy, there is a sleepy, but keen, little core!

I worked hard and was inspired by the music and warm sunlight that filled the studio. I rode my bike. I did yoga.

I was grateful for my body and what it can do for me. I may not be able to slip into my skinny jeans (yet) but I am healthy… and I can move.

But wait, what do you mean chocolate and cookies still exist? Doesn’t the universe know I am on a mission?

It’s April. All temptations were supposed to disappear at March’s last stroke of midnight. Deprivation is not doable. However, I do think that it’s important to distinguish the difference between eating a handful of chocolate chips in order to endure the thrashing of a toddler’s tantrums and enjoying something yummy for the soul.

Eating healthy…with benefits.

Love life

Love body

Love Soul

And… Chocolate