“I love coming to Island Pilates & Fitness – it’s my one-stop fitness center! The space is impeccably clean with natural light and beautiful workout floors. All of the Island Pilates Fitness instructors are professionals of the highest caliber in their field. My body and spirit always leave feeling in tip top shape. The variety of drop-in classes at IPF really suits my work schedule and makes it easy for me to design my own fitness regime. I can hardly wait to try the Zumba class!” Janet Shaw Rogers Business and Life Coach

“As a physiotherapist, I was impressed by Leanne’s level of knowledge regarding the functional anatomy of the core muscles. She was able to explain how to properly engage a complex muscle system in a very easy to understand, step by step process. She is always checking to make sure everyone is using correct posture and form, and will make individual adjustments as necessary to help prevent injury. The classes themselves are always fun yet challenging – the time flies by! I would recommend Island Pilates to anyone regardless of age or fitness level – and especially to anyone interested in strengthening their core muscles for prevention of low back problems.” Colleen Conway MSc.PT, BSc.Sci., CAFCI, CKTP Registered Physiotherapist Coastal Physiotherapy & Sports Rehabilitation

“I recently hiked the Nootka Trail, my first multi-day backpacking trip in many years. I was surprised how much easier it was for me to balance and walk over logs, and traverse over technically difficult terrain, compared to previous years. My pack was heavy and the ground wet and slippery, but I felt confident on my feet and really enjoyed my trip. I place the credit on the core and balance training I received during my bosu and pilates classes at Island Pilates and Fitness.” Dr. Louise Young

“As a person who enjoys a physically active lifestyle, I appreciate the effective full body workout that Bosu Blast! provides. Since beginning my workouts on the Bosu, I have found an increase in both my core strength and flexibility which have carried over into my everyday life. Leanne’s classes are very organized, fun and delivered with a lot of variety from week to week, keeping it interesting for her clients. I would recommend Leanne’s classes at IPF to anyone.” Bill Parkinson, College Instructor

“Thank-you Leanne, and team at Island Pilates and Fitness for your continued caring, encouragement, and dedication to my overall fitness and quality of life. Your Bosu program has the perfect combination of disciplines to help adults maintain their strength, balance, cardio, and overall fitness level, not to mention there is just something you do that makes it more enjoyable and worth coming back for again and again. Since Bosu I have increased strength, balance, mobility, cardio, and best of all confidence. I feel fantastic after physical labor and can get much more done in a day because I have way more energy. Plus, it has been great catching up with old friends and meeting new ones at Island Pilates and Fitness.” Jason Waters, J Waters Electric Ltd.