home gym diyBuilding a home gym can be a good investment because you will end up saving money on gym memberships. Additionally, there will be no excuse to not work out as the gym is right in your house. This is an investment in your health, which is really the most important type of investment. It can get pricey at first, but just remember how much you spend in a year for a gym membership. A gym membership can cost hundreds or thousands a year, which is around the cost of one elliptical or treadmill that you can keep forever.

There are a few things to consider when purchasing items for a home gym. First of all, you want to think about what your fitness goals are. A person who just wants to lose and maintain weight will need different gear for those who are looking to bulk up their muscle mass. You also need to consider physical limitations. Some gear is very high impact, which is not ideal for those who have bad backs and joint problems. Finally, you need to consider activities that you will actually enjoy. If you love yoga and kickboxing, but hate weight lifting, you are not going to want a lifting bench.

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You need to think about the space you have to work with. Not everyone has a finished basement they can dedicate to a home gym. People in studio apartments have more limitations than homeowners or people with larger apartments. If you have limited space, getting equipment that you can fold up and hide away can be ideal for you. Treadmills can be folded up and stood against the wall if you have more space, as can some lift benches. Another space consideration involves the noise level of the machine or equipment. If you enjoy lifting, but live in an apartment with neighbors underneath, your neighbors may not love this.


It is important to go in with a price in mind and after doing research. You do not want to drop a ton of money on equipment that may not be worth the price. Equipment can get pricey, especially when you start getting into cardio machines, which can easily break $1500. If you go in with a small budget available, you can start with simple equipment like exercise balls and dumbbells. Do you research to decide on what items can help you achieve your fitness goals, and the best of these items in your price range.



This may not be something you considered when building a home gym, but it is an important addition. Getting rubber mats that are specially made for work out gear is highly recommended, as it can protect your current flooring from the wear and tear, and minimize noise of such things as lifting. Others recommend getting a few layers of plywood and adding inexpensive carpet to it for your space. These are both great options, and can depend on your budget.


Investing in a home gym is a fantastic investment, as well as great motivation. After spending that money and realizing that you do not have to worry about driving elsewhere to work out, you will have no choice but to take advantage of your equipment. You can buy items little by little to slowly build your ideal home gym. This is a positive on all levels, and should definitely be a consideration for you.